August 2014 System Updates – Email Automation Features

Our August 2014 release is a refinement release, we’ve revisited some existing functionality and given the UI an overhaul to aid usability and also to make better use of screen real estate, we’ve worked closely with several customers to introduce these changes.

Next up we’ve introduced a large new feature that will give users the ability to schedule email batches to their

We’ve also made general enhancements to system speed and fixed some small issues.

We’d love to hear your feedback on any aspect of SaasCase, we’re always listening and delivering what our customers need to streamline their business processes.

New Features

Email Batch Scheduling

A new feature that will continue to be extended to cope with the further automation of processes. The Email Batch Scheduling feature allows users to set comprehensive schedules that email batch reports will be executed. This allows the extensive automation of everyday tasks, allowing your team members to focus on other, more important tasks.

This allows users to set dates and times that they would like email batch notifications, e.g. the yearly “Your contract is coming up for renewal” email, a yearly schedule can be set to run a “Your contract is up for renewal” email batch. These will run automatically and send a report / confirmation email to administrator contacts that you define.

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Email Batch Schedules

Email Batch Schedules


Reporting Enhancements

As well as a refactor of the layout of the reporting screen we have added the following capabilities to the reporting system.

  • Type ahead report searching – filter reports easily and quickly by typing a few characters or an identifying phrase into the new “Search reports” box
  • Admin users can now see an “Edit” report link while hovering over report titles, this allows users to get to report editing functionality more easily.
  • Reports that request parameters at run time are now shown with a “+” icon alongside them.
  • When creating reports, if assigned a label, then this label will be shown on the left hand navigation of the reporting screen, allowing better ordering and categorisation of reports.
  • Better layout of the run screen of parameterised reports.
Report Screen Enhancements

Report Screen Enhancements


Report Builder Enhancements

To further extend the comprehensive reporting capabilities of SaasCase we’ve implemented the following features.

  • New left hand table navigation / selection area
  • Easier selection of a number of reporting columns
  • Easier selection of a number of reporting conditions
  • Introduction of labels for better categorisation and layout of report lists
Report Builder Enhancements

Report Builder Enhancements


Docs and Comms Refactor

Through working closely with our customers and taking their feedback onboard, we’ve redesigned the docs and comms section of the case screen, this allows better visibility of documents and communications within a case. With a plethora of sorting and filtering options we’ve given users the full power to see all documents and communications within the section of the system.


Docs And Comms Screen Refactor

Sorting Within Docs and Comms

To allow easier sorting of documents and communications within the system we’ve responded to user feedback by adding a variety of sorting options meaning users can arrange their data however they want it to ensure they can find what they need as quickly as possible. These sorting options work hand in hand with the new label filtering options described below.

Docs And Comms Sorting

Docs And Comms Sorting

Label Filtering Within Docs and Comms

Further extending the use of labels throughout the system, any document or email templates that are created with default labels, these labels will now been shown on the left hand panel of the Docs and Comms screen. This allows simple and complex filtering to be performed to allow users to file, sort and categorise their docs and comms more easily.

Docs And Comms Label Filters

Docs And Comms Label Filters

Bug Fixes

Report Run Time – Reports that now run for more that 15 seconds will time out gracefully.

Contacts, Documents Tab – Paging has been increased to 10

Email formatting – On rare occasions, emails created from the system were wrapped in HTML tags.

Calendar, new item – Repetition options, UI issues fixed.



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