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  • May 2016 – Table Data Export, File Upload, Linked Contacts and User Admin Updates

    May 2016 Update This month we’ve added some small functionality improvements. These requests have come from customers and implemented by our team, please always feel free to suggest improvements to SaasCase, we’re always happy to listen. Table Control Exports Several customers have asked for the ability to download the contents of table controls into export formats. We’ve […]

  • March 2016 – Value Bundles, Task Completion Emails, Email and Report Printing

    March 2016 Update This month we’ve added several new pieces of functionality as well as the usual minor enhancements and bug fixes. As always, we welcome any thoughts on new and existing features. We listen to all your ideas and suggestions your input helps to shape how SaasCase develops. So please do get in touch. Value Bundles Sometimes the […]

  • November 2015- Table Control Row Display, Notes Search, Security Update

    This November we have added several key pieces of functionality, here are some notes on the new content. We have been focusing on adding additional security measures and updating existing ones to be more intuitive. We have also added a new search function, allowing you to search through notes saved on your system and modified our […]

  • February 2015 – Case Scripting, Our Case Management API

    Our second release in February!, this mini-release brings a couple of key-features requested by customers and some smaller tweaks. The main addition within this release is our Case Scripting, Case Management API. Case Scripting allows users to configure scripts which run when cases are opened. This can be used to alert users to certain criteria being […]

  • February 2015 – Collaborative Document Sharing

    February 2015 brings in a number of smaller fixes and enhancements based on customer requests and feedback. We’ve also added a great collaborative document sharing feature allowing simple document sharing with external parties without the need for full client connect enabling. We’re working hard on Case Scripting for our next release, this will expose a […]

  • January 2015 – Live Document Previews and SMS

    Our January 2015 release is a substantial release of the SaasCase system, we’ve went back to basics and revisited the architecture of the system to allow us to make changes easier in later versions. We’ve re-written the core of the system, introduced efficiencies and speed increases through-out. Along the way we’ve added a number of […]

  • August 2014 System Updates – Email Automation Features

    Our August 2014 release is a refinement release, we’ve revisited some existing functionality and given the UI an overhaul to aid usability and also to make better use of screen real estate, we’ve worked closely with several customers to introduce these changes. Next up we’ve introduced a large new feature that will give users the […]