Cloud Case Management

Overview of our Cloud Case Management Features.

Cloud Case Management Features

Using our Cloud Case Management Features will allow you to track, manage and streamline your business processes, allow your customers to check on their case data, and most importantly monitor everything that is happening within your business – change your business today.

Cloud Case Management Features- Login Page

Super Secure

We worry about the tough stuff so you don’t have to, fully encrypted, lots of backups, 99% uptime – Can you say that about your internal systems?

Cloud Case Management Features - Dashboard

Data Visualised

Mirror your offline processes in our incredibly powerful data viewing engine, nothing gets missed here. Guaranteed. Times two.

Cloud Case Management Features - Cloud Case Management View

Case By Case

Every piece of information you hold about your customer in one easy to navigate central location. Quite simply we keep you organised.

Cloud Case Management Features - Agenda

Everything Visible

Helping keep your desk tidy, we tell you what you need to do, when you need to do it (we’ll also tell you when you’re late – shhh!)

Cloud Case Management Features - Case List

Just In Case

All of your cases at your fingertips, access all your information, on the move, in the office or from the cafe – everything, everywhere.

Cloud Case Management Features - Agenda

Who, What, When?

Keep your days in order, SaasCase shows your calendar, everyones calendar and allows you to create new calendars – keeping everyone on the same page.

Case Management Features

Store all Client information, contacts, milestone information, custom fields, documents, communications (we could go on) in one central location – never misplace anything ever again, all case information in one place, at your fingertips – with SaasCase, Cloud Case Management becomes the backbone of your business.

Cloud Case Management Features - Single Case

Store Everything Centrally

All your case data in one place, milestones, details, client information, docs & comms, customer fields etc – everything in one place, no fuss, no mess.

Cloud Case Management Features - Client Extranet

Comprehensive Milestones

Client SLA’s, complex reporting requirements or just simply want to make sure that cases don’t last longer than they need to, our Milestone functionality keeps everyone on track.

Cloud Case Management Features - Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Store all case plan information in one place, don’t be limited by our default values, add all the data you need – we won’t limit you.

Contact Management Features

Cloud Case Management Centres Around Your Clients, So Does SaasCase – all your information and more in one central location.

Cloud Case Management Features - Client Information

Full Client Info

Clients are the most important part of any business today, that’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into our Contacts module, store every piece of information you have on your clients in here.

Cloud Case Management Features - Client Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Can’t store all your info in our standard fields? – no problem, add your own with our wizard, store everything you need.

Cloud Case Management Features - Contact Labels

Infinite Labels

Put your clients into categories, order, sort and filter based on these – add new filters based on your needs, put your clients into the correct places.

Calendar Management Features

Making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time isn’t easy, we’ve listened to our customers to provide a first class calendaring solution.

Cloud Case Management Features - Multiple Calendars

Unlimited Calendars

One calendar may not be enough, add literally hundreds of calendars if your needs demand it – all relevant calendar activity is shown on your Dashboard, so nothing is hidden or missed.

Cloud Case Management Features - Unlimited Calendars

Personal And Company Calendars

Calendars just for the eyes of business team members, shared holiday calendars or specific calendars for important clients – never miss a beat.

Cloud Case Management Features - Calendar Recurring Events

Recurring Events

“Meeting with Mr Jones, 1st Monday of each month at 4pm” – Simple recurrence or complex patterns, SaasCase supports anything you can come up with.

Just Released!

We’re constantly updating SaasCase with the features our customers request, so if SaasCase doesn’t meet your needs today, get in touch, tell us what you need and its likely it will be available in a future version.

Cloud Case Management Features - Document Generation

Document Generation

We know your business revolves around documents and emails, our advanced document generation engine will take care of all your document production needs.

Cloud Case Management Features - Client Extranet

Client Login

Allow your clients access to key information against their cases, request updates, share progress, allow document uploads, aids communication and workflow.

Cloud Case Management Features - Secure Messaging

Instant Messaging

Send instant messages to other people within your business, hassle free messaging that always gets a response.