Client Communication Portal

Client Communication Portal - Keeping clients up to date

Client Communication Portal

Clients like to be kept aware during each stage of their case transaction.

You could send letters and emails, but at SaasCase, we’ve given our customers the ability to increase their client communication by letting their clients have access to their own private case viewing portal.

Client Connect allows clients to:

  • Stay involved – Increase client communication, easily invite your clients to view all the case information you want them to see.
  • Customizable Views – Ability to set the visibility of Client Connect information tabs or private & public data.
  • Upload Documents – Need a particular document from a client, or, need a client to review a document – share documents using Client Connect.
  • See all their cases – Client Connect gives clients access to all the cases you have enabled for Client Connect.
  • View Case Data – User accounts are 100% encrypted and personal ensuring they are not accessible by other users.
  • Thorough Security – The ability to revoke access at any time.