Cloud Document Generation

Cloud Document Generation - Easily automating document production

Cloud Document Generation

Creating documents (and other outgoing communication) for clients is the lifeblood of any modern business, SaasCase’s cloud document generation functionality allows users to create complex document templates and produce personalised outgoing letters and emails to all clients, either individually or in a batch.

Using only Microsoft Word SaasCase users are able to create both simple and complex document templates that meet the needs of any growing business that is driven by specific workflows.

Create both standard and complex client letters in just one click.

Cloud Document Generation Field Mapping

Cloud Document Generation Field Mapping

Document Generation Features

A small list of the cloud document generation features within SaasCase.

  • Re-use MS Word templates to produce email templates rather than document templates
  • Bulk document or email generation, send personalized messages to a batch of your clients
  • Choose which contact to create a document for, the resulting document will be populated with the relevant data.
  • Conditional elements – show different document elements depending on case data.
  • Date / Time formatting control.
  • Upper & Lower Case formatting on specific fields.
  • Calculations
  • Address Blocks for easy creation of address data

Style Document Consistency

As your business grows, so does your document template library. Team members start to keep their own customized versions of document templates on their own computers or unfiled network locations, pretty soon, everyone has documents that deviate from the original style.

SaasCase centralizes all document templates and ensures that all templates that are used are the most current, this helps cut down on any potential liabilities that may occur from using out of date template style documents.

Email Template Assembly

Are your customers now requesting more email communication than other methods? If so, ensure that the messages your clients receive via SaasCase are built using Email Templates. Email templates help to keep your firm emails formal and consistent.

Create Document Templates Easily

If you’ve ever created a Mail Merge using Microsoft Word then you will easily be able to create both simple and complex template documents within SaasCase.

If not, and you need a helping hand to get started, contact us and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

Edit Document Templates

Changed your standard wording for a specific clause or section?, no problem. Simply download the current document style template, make your changes and re-upload the document template. The changes are now available to all users using this document style template.