July 2015 – Case Management Email Integration, Case Management Scripting Enhancements

In preparation for our next SaasCase release on the 16th/17th of July here are some notes on what to expect.

For the past few months we’ve been focusing on refactoring a number of behind the scenes pieces of functionality to increase stability and provide speed enhancements across SaasCase. This also paves the way for better storage, API, extranet and security features going forwards – watch this space!

Some new features this release contains are better email integration, allowing for Reply, Reply to all and Forwarding of mails that have been received or created within SaasCase. We’ve also released V1 of our new On Save Scripting functionality – allowing you to run SaasCase scripts when you save your case, evaluate your data and perform custom actions, again further cementing SaasCase’s position as the most configurable web based case management system out there.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new features, existing features that could work better for you and of course, anything that SaasCase doesn’t do that you need it to do.

New Features

Case Scripting: On Save Scripts

A valuable extension to SaasCase’s scripting capabilities is the introduction of On Save scripting. On Save scripts allow you to run custom scripts at the point a case is saved.

In this version of On Save Scripts we allow you to:

  • Update Case Information
  • Update Custom Field Information
  • Send emails
  • Add tasks
  • Create custom messages

So, for example, you could create a custom script that sent an email to a customer when a custom field had met a particular value. As well as this you can alert your users using a custom UI to communicate that this custom action was performed.

If you would like to take advantage of On Save Scripts, please get in touch with us at support@saascase.com and we’ll share some examples with you. Our Scripting and API documentation will be updated soon to reflect these changes.

On Save Scripts

An Example On Save Script

Let Users Forward and Reply to Emails In Docs & Comms

Several customers have asked for the ability to reply, reply to all and forward emails from within cases in SaasCase. We’ve now provided this functionality so you no longer have to go to your mail client to achieve this.

Enhanced Email Functionality

SaasCase – Enhanced Email Functionality

Merge Field & XML Helper Page

We’ve extended our XML field helper functionality by providing a page that allows users to simply click an icon to copy merge fields into their clipboard, paste into document templates to create Microsoft Word mail merge fields.

This page also gives easy access to Custom Field ID’s to allow for the easier creation of Case Scripts, Email Templates and Reports.

System Field Helper Location

System Field Helper Location

System Field Helper Page

System Field Helper Page

New Custom Field Type – HTML Control

This new custom field type allows you to place HTML content within your custom field groups. This can be used to enter in-line documentation and guidance to your users, but can also be used to apply custom formatting to various sections within your custom field groups.

HTML control types can be placed on Case Custom Field Groups, Contact Custom Field Groups and Table Controls.

HTML Custom Field Type

HTML Custom Field Type

Custom Field Change – Add a “Now” icon to Date, Date & Time, Time Controls

Simply click the clock icon to populate the date, date & time or time controls with the current date, date & time or time.

Date Time Now Control

Date Time “Now” Control

Merged Time and Expenses Functionality

This is the first step in an ongoing plan to rationalize and standardize various pieces of functionality within SaasCase. We’ll be removing unused functionality, merging similar functionality and pairing down on simplicity to make sure that we can provide the best and simplest user experience.

In this case, we’ve merged both Time and Expense recording functionality, keeping all existing functionality while simplifying the UI.

Time And Expenses

Time And Expenses

Add new filter to exporting tasks (Assigned By and Assigned To filter)

This new filter allows for greater granularity when exporting tasks from the SaasCase tasks list.

Tasks Export DIalog

Tasks Export DIalog

Add original document name to uploaded document descriptions

Document Upload Description

Document Upload Description

Documents that are uploaded to SaasCase now include the original document name in the description that is assigned for the document. When uploading multiple documents at one time we also add a prefix (1,2,3, etc) to the start of the document description to provide an easier way of locating you document uploads.

Settings -> Localization – Add Option for “Client”

SaasCase deals with customers in many different markets, as such, the “client” in different markets is not always known as the “client”, for example, the client can be a Pupil, a Carer, a Customer and so on. We’ve now given you the ability to change the default wording of “Client” throughout the system in localization settings.

Localization Client Option

Localization Client Option

Welcome Wizard

All new accounts on SaasCase will be greeted with our new Welcome Wizard – this helps configure some key areas of the system at the point of account creation as well as give flexibility on the default data that is created.

SaasCase Welcome Wizard

SaasCase Welcome Wizard

Bug fixes / Smaller Enhancements

  • Date Prompt Text In Reports No Longer Persists – resolved
  • Dashboard -> Upcoming Milestones Message incorrect count – resolved
  • When the first task is added to a case, the task grid does not refresh – resolved
  • Error on Client Invitation view – resolved
  • Email Dialog functionality Issues in Firefox and Internet Explorer – resolved
  • Adding a Company against a Person Contact causes a duplicate Company record to be created – resolved
  • Mandatory validation issues on Date & Time Control – resolved
  • Some issues with document and email labels – resolved
  • New Account – Changing localisation to Custom issues – resolved
  • Add Contact -> New Company – Add email address field to dialog – resolved

Coming Soon

  • Enhanced Groups, Roles and Permissions with Extranet enhancements.
  • Complex Validation when saving custom fields.
  • More API related enhancements.