March 2015 – Custom Field Tabs, Document Uploading and Case Management API

This month we’ve been focusing on fixing a number of small issues with SaasCase but we’ve also managed to squeeze a couple of key features into the system to keep pushing your ability to streamline your processes.

For next month we’re working on further extending our SaasCase API as well as introducing a much improved email digest feature that will help all your case workers on track!

As ever, please let us know your thoughts and how we can help you become more profitable in 2015 – we’re all ears.

New Features

Custom Field Group Tabs

This new option allows admin users to create top level tab groups within cases. This allows the representation of Case Data at the top tab level within a case.

This helps organize and categorize data exactly how your business needs it.

Custom Field Tab Groups

Custom Field Tab Groups

File Upload Control

Sometimes users need to upload files that are contextual to data. To aid this workflow we’ve added the new File Upload control which allows file upload within custom field groups or table custom field groups.

All uploaded documents are stored centrally within the case Docs and Comms section.

Upload File Custom Field

Upload File Custom Field

Calculated Fields – Case Management API

This feature adds a new type of custom field which rather than the value being “static” and stored in the Database, instead, the value will be calculated whenever the custom field is requested.

As with other Scripting features (like the Case Type On Load Scripts we recently introduced) Javascript is used as the syntax.

At it’s simplest a user can add a script like this:

function calc() {Case.CustomField("Purchase Price") * 1.2;}

Whenever the case is loaded, XML export for document creation is called or our Case Management API is used the value of the Custom Field would be calculated server side and returned as a figure with the UK VAT amount added. On the front-end the field will be read-only so users cannot edit the field directly.

We’ll be updating our documentation to show some examples on how to use this functionality within your own workflows.

Bug fixes / Smaller Enhancements

  • When editing client codes, some documents held against that clients file became disconnected, this is now resolved.
  • When accidentally clicking outside of the email dialog, this could cause emails to be closed and typed text to be lost, we’ve removed the closing ability of this dialog if a user clicks outside of it.
  • Added Edit and Set Inactive options to imported hyperlinks within Docs and Comms.
  • Default labels were not being applied to newly created documents.
  • Paging added to in-system messaging.
  • Removed the “Case Closed” date when a case is re-opened.
  • Added “Unknown” into the default country list.
  • Tasks Tab – changed the default view to tasks “Assigned to Me”.
  • Tab order in email dialog fields is now working properly.
  • Follow Up tasks from document creation is now working correctly.
  • Order of new fields added to custom field groups now working correctly.

Coming Soon

  • Enhanced daily digest emails.
  • “On save” Case Management API enhancements.
  • Enhanced Groups, Roles and Permissions.
  • Complex Validation when saving custom fields.