March 2016 – Value Bundles, Task Completion Emails, Email and Report Printing

March 2016 Update

This month we’ve added several new pieces of functionality as well as the usual minor enhancements and bug fixes.

As always, we welcome any thoughts on new and existing features. We listen to all your ideas and suggestions your input helps to shape how SaasCase develops. So please do get in touch.

Value Bundles

Sometimes the pre-defined drop-down values we’ve added to SaasCase don’t quite meet the needs of our customers.

We’ve now added the ability for users to add custom values for Title, Gender, Mailing Address, Phone and Email address types through Value Bundles.

This is an area of SaasCase we’ll be extending over time, so if there are any other elements you’d like to see become a Value Bundle, please let us know and we’ll be happy to add it to the list.

Value Bundles

Value Bundles


Completed Task Emails

If you’ve assigned someone a task you’ll now get an email telling you when they’ve completed the task.

Email and Report Printing

We’ve given users the ability to open emails and print the content. We’ve also added the ability to print report results in portrait mode. We love forests but we know there are times when only a hard-copy will do.

Report Printing

Report Printing

Dashboard Configuration

This new configuration screen allows admin users to turn items on and off on the dashboard screen.

Clickable Case Links On Exported Reports

When reports are exported to XLS, CSV or PDF case links are preserved on the exported file and are clickable.

Internal User Chooser – Multiple Entries

Now copes with the ability to select multiple names or just one. Configurable from the Internal User Chooser Custom Field Options page.

Multiple User Chooser

Multiple User Chooser

Follow Ups now available for existing Table Control Rows

Now, when table control rows are edited user have the option to add a follow up to this pre-existing row.

Email/Notes/Tasks/Messages/Document Dialog – Clicking outside the dialog closed the dialog.

Fixed an annoying issue where if a user was to click outside of a dialog while working, the dialog would close without warning. Now fixed.

Client Connect

1) Case View Permissions for Related Cases – fixed an issue where users were not able to view their related cases
2) Added the ability to toggle the visibility of full tabs on Client Connect directly from the Custom Field Group settings page.

Client Connect Visibility

Client Connect Visibility

Add Labels To Incoming Emails

Previously we did not allow incoming emails Labels to be set. Users can now edit incoming emails and apply a label to help streamline their workflow.

Closed Case Dates

We’ve added “Closed Date” to the Contact View in both the Cases and Related Cases tab.

Allowing you to see at-a-glance view of a cases’ closed date if the case is closed.

Searching Enhancements

Searching now copes with various value that would previously have caused errors.

General System Stability and Speed

Behind the scenes at SaasCase we use some pretty sophisticated performance tracking software to make sure any issues not visible to users are spotted and analysed. Behind the scenes we investigate every issue spotted, fix it, tune it and make sure that the issue won’t re-appear. As well as running at 99.9% uptime over the past 12 months we’ve also increased performance by 17% and removed a number of issues along the way leading to a more seamless experience for our customers.

Bug fixes / Smaller Enhancements

  • Names with “&”s and “‘”s sometimes caused issues while saving – Fixed
  • Table Control rows can now be “Set Inactive” – Enhancement
  • Number of columns in table controls has been increased from 20 to 30 – Enhancement
  • Quick search errors – various small reliability issues – Fixed
  • Password strength checker – make sure users choose appropriate password complexities – Enhancement
  • Deleting items from the calendar would cause issues – fixed
  • Creating documents for specific table row data – Better info in selector dropdown – Enhancement
  • File upload control – issues with uploading – Fixed
  • Data uploader – various reliability fixes – Enhancement
  • Invite users – when inviting a user the users datagrid did not refresh – Fixed

Coming Soon

  • Bulk SMS
  • Report Scheduler
  • Custom Field Table Controls – Export to CSV, PDF
  • Billing stability updates
  • Document Upload Control – Hide uploaded documents from Docs and Comms
  • Quick Edit Cases from Report
  • Advanced / Note search
  • Add user functionality, add users without the invite process
  • Change user email address

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