May 2016 – Table Data Export, File Upload, Linked Contacts and User Admin Updates

May 2016 Update

This month we’ve added some small functionality improvements. These requests have come from customers and implemented by our team, please always feel free to suggest improvements to SaasCase, we’re always happy to listen.

Table Control Exports

Several customers have asked for the ability to download the contents of table controls into export formats. We’ve implemented the ability for you to export table control data into either CSV (Excel), Microsoft Word or PDF.

Table Control Exports






File Upload Control – Hide Uploads from Docs and Comms

This enhancement takes the standard File Upload Control and adds the ability to hide the uploaded documents within it from the Docs and Comms section of a case.

This can be combined with the built in permissions system within SaasCase to allow complex workflows and permissions structures to be applied to document uploads.

The ability to hide documents works for both singular File Upload controls and File Upload controls within Table controls.

Hidden File Uploads






Ability to change a user’s email address

Now, if you have a user whose email needs to change you can simply edit the email address held within their profile – simple!

Add New User Functionality

This functionality allows you to create user accounts without the need to go through the user invite process.

You can now create accounts in advance of users joining your firm, set their password as well as testing complex permissions structures more easily.

Add User

Contact Link Editing

Edit previously linked contacts relationship types and contact names within cases. Use the contextual dropdown beside linked contacts to change any of the linked information as you need it.

Contact Link Editing






Bug fixes / Smaller Enhancements

  • Follow ups on table controls, sometimes not working – fixed.
  • Issues with document previews – fixed.
  • Performance improvements in Docs and Comms tabs
  • On Save scripting – more control when emails are sent within an On Save script

Coming Soon

  • Bulk SMS
  • Report Scheduler
  • Billing stability updates
  • Calendar stability updates
  • Quick Edit Cases from Reports
  • Advanced / Note search
  • File Preview enhancements

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