November 2015- Table Control Row Display, Notes Search, Security Update

This November we have added several key pieces of functionality, here are some notes on the new content.

We have been focusing on adding additional security measures and updating existing ones to be more intuitive. We have also added a new search function, allowing you to search through notes saved on your system and modified our table control custom fields to display the number of rows you have remaining.

As always, we welcome any thoughts on new and existing features. We take customer feedback very seriously and your input will help to shape how SaasCase develops.

Security Update

Our updated security adds an option to use 2- factor authentication with SaasCase and introduces an account lock if an incorrect password is entered too many times when attempting to log in. Additionally, we have updated all password set up options with a strength indicator to provide you with feedback on your account security.

2- Factor Authentication


2- factor authentication links your SaasCase account with an app on your smartphone. When this is activated you will be required to enter a code from the app along with your password when logging in to SaasCase. The codes are time sensitive an expire after a short period so you will have to use a unique code each time you log in.

Using 2-factor authentication is a quantum leap in security for your SaasCase account. As well as the obvious advantage of using time sensitive codes alongside your password, an additional advantage is that the app is not directly connected to SaasCase. This means that even in a worse case scenario where you computer is completely compromised you will still be secure as the intruder has no access to your smartphone.

Account Lock


We have updated our log in page to lock out users who enter an incorrect password more than 7 times. If you are locked out by accident then you can bypass the block by resetting your password.

Password Strength Indicator


To help you improve your system security we have added a password strength indicator anywhere you are required to create a password. An ideal password should be a minimum of 8 characters, use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase characters and use a mix of characters and numbers so these criteria will be reflected in the strength rating your password receives.

Table Control Display


When creating a table control custom field group, an indicator will show you how many rows you have left in the table. SaasCase supports a maximum of 30 rows which should be more than enough for most users but the indicator allows you to keep track just in case.

Note Search


Notes you create against cases will not be displayed when using our standard search function, because of this we have added a specialized search function for notes.  This allows you to search through all of the notes you have assigned against your cases.

Row Select Templates


We have also given you the ability to populate your templates with data from individual rows of a custom field table. This means that more documents and emails can be automated as you now have access to a greater volume of information for  your templates.