Case Management Migration Support

Getting started on SaasCase

SaasCase is easy to use and can even be set up and configured by your own team. We understand your business process experts are busy people so you might need a little extra help to perform your Case Management Migration. To ease your transition and help you make the most of the features SaasCase delivers we are pleased to offer our Onboarding Service.

Our process and implementation experts will work with your process owners to understand your existing procedures and help configure SaasCase to best support your needs. We want you to remain in control of your implementation. We can customise our involvement from a straight ‘as-is’ migration for the simplest example right through to full business process re-engineering if required.

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The Onboarding Process

Each project will receive a customised approach to configuring SaasCase to support your processes.  Our Onboarding Service will be completely bespoke and, according to your requirements, we can:

  • Use your existing ‘as-is’ process documentation
  • Work with your teams to document existing ‘as-is’ processes
  • Work with your process owners to review existing processes to identify potential improvements
  • Work with your business experts to construct new processes from scratch
  • Propose and document ‘to-be’ processes to maximise the impact of SaasCase
  • Help configure SaasCase to improve workflow and controls

Data and Reporting

Data structure is important to us.  The powerful and flexible reporting functionality delivered by SaasCase will be maximized by high quality data.  In addition to the data analysis we can perform as part of data migration we can:

  • Review your existing reporting portfolio – internal/workflow and external client MI
  • Discuss your future reporting requirements
  • Configure reports you need for go-live
  • Ensure operational processes capture (at the best point) data required for valuable reporting
  • Instruct your process owners on how to use the Report Builder to build custom reports
  • Extract data dumps into analysis packages (e.g. MS Excel) for manipulation
  • Assist with automating reporting templates (especially for institutional clients)

Post ‘go-live’ training and support

We are confident that SaasCase is simple and transparent and that we can help create a marriage between system and process that your staff will find intuitive and be comfortable using SaasCase from go-live.  We don’t expect you to bear a high training overhead but we are on hand to help you and your staff through the early stages of implementation for as long as you need us.

Your business is constantly evolving as your need and the demand of your customers change.  Your administrator users will be able to implement changes to SaasCase to accommodate the changing environment in which your processes operate.  Where the changes are more comprehensive and you need guidance or simply an outside perspective our expert Onboarding Support team will be ready to help.

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